Monday, March 9, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Makuhari Cultural Exchange

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Currently at Melville Intermediate School we are taking part in a cultural exchange with Makuhari School in Japan. Students arrived in New Zealand on Saturday and later in the year a school trip from Melville Intermediate will be venturing to Japan. Room 8 has two guests at the moment with our class Yuhi and Kazutoshi.
Today we had a powhiri to welcome them officially to our school.

Yuhi wrote this about his first impressions of Melville Intermediate:
"You gave me a good first impression that you are cheerful and friendly. No matter where I am in this school. Students speak to me about anything."

Kazutoshi wrote that "My first impression is this is a large school. I think I am very envious especially the large ground is very beautiful, the students can be very active. I think the students are very kind and friendly. Japanese students don't say "Hello!" if each of them haven't met"


  1. Hi that is great
    I am yura from adelaide

    From Pams class

    hope it goes well when you go over there

  2. That is interesting that student's don't say "hello" unless they know each other. I will be curious to read the impressions of the Japanese visit from the New Zealand group.

    Mrs. Heaton