Thursday, September 6, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Coltons Science Technology Recount

I was in science, the teacher was Mrs Taylor.  We were learning about the human body.  First we learnt about the bones and the skeleton of the human body.  The next day we learnt about the human heart.  We tried to find out our pulse on our wrist and see how many times our heart beats in a minute.

We started running around getting out hearts pumping.  We checked our pulse again and our hearts were beating much faster.  My average heart beats 46 times a minute but after running around for thirty seconds it was beating 73 times a minute.

We learnt more about the human body and skeleton.  Mrs Taylor passed around some cow bones.  It was the bones of a cows shoulder, shoulder blade and thigh bone.

Report by Colton, Room One, guesting in Room Five for today.

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  1. Hi Colton,My name is Uriel.I am in Mr.Miller's class.We are doing a simalar things for science too.What we are doing is collecting pond water which is green and then use a microscope to see if there's little animals living in the water,these are called microorganisms.In P.E (physical education)we run without stopping and then we take two fingers and feel our neck.Then the teacher counts 6 seconds and we stop.Whatever number we get we multiply it by 10.The number we get is how many times our heart beats per minute.Well I enjoyed reading your post.Goodbye