Friday, September 7, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Girls Basketball

As Melville Intermediate arrived at Te Awamutu we were pumped to play our first game of the day.  We all walked inside to see a lot of teams from Cambrige, Tokoroa and much more schools were also there.  Our first game was against Cambrige Middle School.   It was a really good game against them but eventually we  defeated them with a good impression of a win 16-6.  Then next came up Peachgrove Intermediate.  They were really challenging to come up against they got a few goals but the girls won with a score of 14-12.  The girls were really trying to get to the finals then we came up against Te Awamutu Intermediate and we won 8-4 to be undefeated  after pool play.  The girls the won there semi final against Berkley and won 18-2.  We had made it into the final against Matamata Intermediate.  The first half was so close but Melville held the lead 8-4.  In the next half the girls played excellent and won the tournament defeating Matamata Intermediate 14-12.  We were the only team to score any points against them. 


  1. Dear Room 6

    Wow, you guys must have had a lot of fun! Both of your teams did so well. You must be so proud of them.
    My friend and I play basketball and you both love it. It is probably my most favourite sport. What I love about basketball is the running up and down the court and of course scoring a goal!
    What was your favourite bit of the basketball games?

    From your blogging friend


  2. Dear Room 5

    Wow you must be very good to win all your games. That is very good that you scored goals against the hardest team that no one has scored a goal against. Your coach must have been really proud of you. I also play Basketball and it is a really fast active game that I really enjoy.

    Did you enjoy playing the basketball?

    Your blogging buddy

    Room 24

  3. I enjoyed your recount because of the language you have used such as defeated and eventually. These words add detail for the reader and we can get the feeling and atmosphere of the tournament. I especially liked your word "pumped to play" at the beginning. This is what really drew me in to the rest of your recount.

    Congrats on your win by the way!