Monday, September 17, 2012

Melville Intermediate - R12 Class Item for Show

All of the students of Room Twelve were involved in Melville Intermediate School production, which was an amazing class performance. Those of you who were able to witness the shows, nearly 1200 of you, would have been amazed by the efforts of Mrs Wilson and her class. Those of you who didn't make it for the entire show, you can witness some of the wonderful highlights now. Filmed by Manish from Room Twelve, as Nick was up on stage on Thursday 6th September.


  1. Hello Melville Intermediate School,

    My name is Breeyana and I'm in Mr.Miller's class. I love how you guys performed on stage. I would be embarrassed if I did that. You guys are really talented! I wish I was there when you performed. Will you perform again?


  2. Hey, may name is Yami i'm in Mr.Miller's classroom in California.
    I really liked the dance it was so captivating! I liked it so much. Especially the song ,it had a great beat to it . I also liked the dance it really went with the song. I have two questions though. Was it hard to make it? And how long did you guy have to take tonpractice and make it?
    -Your Friend Yami

  3. Hi Mr. Webb! My name is Natalie and I am in Mr.Miller's room. I like the video a lot. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I wish I were there. I love the dancing they did. Very impressive. It was nice to visit your class blog! But before I leave, I have a question. Were those students in a program, or was it a "sign up and audition" activity? I hope to see more posts like this!
    -Natalie :)

  4. Hello, my name is Euriel and I'm from Mr. Miller's class.
    I like the way you set up your blog. My blog is similar to yours, except I only posted stories/assignments and not videos.
    The thing I love about this video is the choreography, the music, and the light effects. the choreography is great! Their moves really entertained me and made me want to dance also. The music they put up on stage was awesome! Its the most energetic sounds/songs I have ever heard. The light effects really had me in a trance. It was as if the lights were moving the same rhythm as the music.
    To me, I give this video a thumbs up and a 5 out of 5!
    I only have one question: How many people were performing?

  5. Hi,Mr.Webb my name is Daniela and I am in Mr.Miller's class.I love the video.The students at your school are very talented.I wish that we could have a talent show at our school.Before I leave I have one question.Does the whole school have to participate in the clowning around?I hope you can reply.


  6. Hello Mr. Webb I'm Joshua I'm in Mr. Miller's room. I was Really impressed with that video of the kids. It looked like a lot of fun. Although the video was a little dark but still I really wished I was there. so I could have seen the show over there were it wasn't that dark. It was nice to visit your class blog but before I leave I have a question. Do you guys like doing dancing activities. Well I hope you respond to my comment and please do come visit my blog.