Friday, July 13, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Malesha's Term Two Recount

This recount is by a student from Room Five, Malesha.

I have enjoyed term two this year.  I have been involved in school activities and I am proud of myself.

For my option classes I went into Zumba.  It was fun getting myself dancing and laughing.  In Zumba we all learnt how to do the salsa, hip hop, country dancing and more.  My next option was bone carving.  I loved bone carving, a had a lot of experience doing bone carving.  We learnt the meanings for the bones and also did research.  Then we got a chance to make the bone carving and a necklace Taonga (treasure).  It was a lot of fun.  For my technology classes this term I went to music.  We learnt a lot of chords and we all got a chance to have a turn at all the instruments, there were key boards, music making and the rock band with Mr Bell.  Our school also got a chance to watch a hip hop show but that was only those who paid the $6.00 to see it.  The group that was in the hip hop were all very talented dancers.  I have really enjoyed term two, and have been fortunate to experience a lot.

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