Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Douglas Food Technology Recount

On Monday after interval we have technology.  I'm in food technology and its yum.  This term we've got to make a banana smoothy.  Me and my cooking partner copied the step by step instructions.  When we finished we had to do our duties.  We we finished our duties we drank our smoothies.  It was super duper yummy.  On Tuesday afternoon we also have technology, our second session of the week.  We had to cook corn fritata - it was steaming hot! We put it on a plate and ate it.  It was delicious.  When we finished our fritata  our duties were dishwasher, dish dryer, house keeper and special.  Dishwasher washes the dishes, dish dryer dries the dishes, and special cleans the floor then ask the teacher for special jobs.

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