Sunday, July 15, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Melville Survivor 2012!

Starting this coming week is the return of an all new series of a firm favourite! We had in 2011 the inaugural series of 'Melville: Survivor'.  It was the first time that we'd attempted to film a regular episodic TV show on our class page featuring some of the students from our school.  Our 2011 film crew learned a whole lot during the process and when we had the brain storming session at the end of the school there was a consensus that we wouldn't shoot it again.  Some of the episodes involved having four cameras running at once from different angles, and a considerable amount of editing.  It was decided that as a 'one off' it was something that the students wouldn't do again, we reckoned without the enthusiasm of some of the 2011 audience who wanted to be involved so this week we have the first episode of the new season.

As a reminder this is episode nine from the 2011 season.  We had the students divided into two teams Y7 and Y8 students.  Initially competition between the two teams was neck and neck until the Y7 students gained an advantage they didn't release eliminating the Y8 students in three successive episodes.  The final Y8 student who remained was Mia, who managed to avoid elimination in the previous episode just.  She faced three remaining Y7 students, and was desperate to gain the immunity idol to avoid elimination.

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