Thursday, May 7, 2009

Melville Intermediate - New Zealand National Anthem

As part of their current unit of work the Y8 students in R7 are looking at things that make New Zealand Unique. Following a brainstorming session earlier in the week a team decided to research the New Zealand National Anthem and research information about it. As a link to this the students decided to film our students at full School Assembly singing the National Anthem. This is footage shot in our school hall on Thursday 7th May 2009. This was filmed by Hemi, presented by Andrew and written by Souem. You can find out more information about the song by clicking here.


  1. Heres my comment for home work cool blog by Bailey Room 8 Mellvile Intemediate.

  2. my dad saids this is cool and the meighan room8 mellvile intemediate