Sunday, May 17, 2009

Melville Intermediate - 4,000 Milestone

According to Google Analytics this site will shortly receive its 4,000 visitor. As it been running since February 2nd, when the school year started everyone at the site is very excited about this development. We have many programs and material to still post and we haven't even reached the halfway point in the New Zealand School year! (this will happen in another month and a half!)

This week at Melville Intermediate we have Basketball after school on Tuesday at the YMCA league with both our Boys and Girls teams looking to continue their winning ways following their 30 point victories last week. Our inline skating team will be looking for their third straight win on Wednesday evening. In Hockey we're likewise undefeated following two consecutive wins (and this according to coach Mrs Basset is two more than last year!). Also this Friday see our huge fundraising dinner with Colin Meads for the School on Friday... it goes without saying it will be another big week for the school.


  1. Wow! 4000 visitors are a lot of visitors. Congratulations!!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I agree, that is a lot of visitors. Good job. We love checking out your site. We are checking out your school uniforms because next year all our schools are going to uniforms and the students have mixed reactions. I try to tell them that uniforms at school are the norm in a lot of places.

    Mrs. Heaton
    Mossy Oaks Elementary School
    Beaufort, SC

  3. Wow 4,000 vists is a lot.How come it only says around 2,500 on your map?.

  4. @ Mrs Shed - thanks for the vote of confidence
    @ Mrs Heaton yes I am surprised at your school that there is no uniform but it is very common here in New Zealand.
    @ Grant we've got 4,000 visits according to google analytics - your looking at unique visitors from cluster map, its two different ways of counting.