Sunday, May 10, 2009

Melville Intermediate - ANZAC Day Poetry

The following Poem by Rebekah, a Y8 Student from Room Five was entered in the Waikato Museum's ANZAC Day Poetry Competition, it was read by Rebekah at the Museum on April 25th.

This A is for the Australians that fought for me
This N and Z is for New Zealanders that made us free
This A is for the anguish as they marched to their death
This C is for their cry as they took their last breath.

This D is for the danger they did face
This A is for the anger from our race
And this Y is a question
Why did it have to be?
I hope your ANZAC DAY is stunning,
But remember why we're free.

I hope your Anzac Day us brilliant but as you drink your cup of tea
I ask a little favour please - remember why we're free.
Remember what happened on those gray and dusty nights
Remember all those soldiers dirt and blood stained sights
Remember all the wives at home in bed
Remember all the worries as they sat and read.
Remember all the tears that fell like rain.
Remember all the wishes that got washed down the drain.
Remember all the lives it did cost.
Remember all the arms and legs that were lost.
But remember also something happy
Don't just get sad and sappy.
Remember all the survivors with tales to share
Remember all the soldiers - how they did care.
Remember how they fought for you and me
Remember how they fought so we could be free.
So next time you are sad or down in the dumps,
Just remember these things - it will give you sad and happy goose bumps.


  1. Dear Mr Webb and class

    Thanks for the positives about our student/parent task. It has worked very well so far, with many parents saying how enjoyable it was to work with their child.

    Good luck with it.

    Mr Mac

  2. Hi Room 8,
    A big Thank you to Mr. Webb who remains as of the most frequent visitors to our class blog. We appreciate his and your support.

    Mrs She @Pt England School Auckland.

  3. Our class is studying world war this term and we too were very interested in the ANZACs and the ANZAC legend. I think your poems highlight beautifully the sacrifice of the brave men who fought. I will be showing them to my class this week and seeing if they can be as inspired!

  4. Dear Rebekah and Room 8

    Congratulations on writing a wonderful piece of work to honour New Zealand's history.

    Coming from a family who has a strong connection with Army, it was inspiring to hear such a beautiful and thoughtful perspective on Anzac Day.

    At my next staff meeting I intend on sharing it with other teachers at my school, your beautiful words have really touched me and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your work.

    Keep up the great work!

    Mrs Armstrong-Lush (Lytton Street School, Feilding)

  5. Dear Rebekah and room 8

    I thought your poem was awsome. I could picture in my head how some of the people during that time must have been feeling. I really enjoy writing rhyming poems myself and I think you did an exceptional job at this.

    Thank-you to room 8 for all the effort that is put into making this blog interesting and current. Well done to you all

    From Wendy.C(Vika's Mum)