Sunday, May 17, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Boys Haka Update

Those of you following the progress on this blog will be are of some of the current international inter-action going on between ourselves and Mr Lamshed's Class at Hackam East Boys School in Adelaide, South Australia. For those of you who haven't Mr Lamshed's Class are performing a Maori Boys Haka for the Adelaide Schools Cultural Festival. The original video was fantastic and you can locate it by clicking here. At Melville Intermediate we're lucky to have students who thought that they could help. We had a Haka from the students in Room 1 and 2 which. At the end of last week Room 8 students created a short tip video for the Boys then on Thursday Destyn and Cleveland created a second and performed their version of the haka. Now Hackam East School Boys have responded by posting thier new and improved Boys Haka. We're going to be viewing this in class on Monday, and as their requested additional tips will be filming a further tutorial for them as soon as possible. Its fascinating watching this interaction in action and wonderful to see the students taking the lead in developing cultural links with studentsin another country. Stay tuned for additional developments!

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