Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Melville Intermediate - ANZAC Day Poems

This is the second Poem from our Y8 Students from Room Five that was entered in the competition on ANZAC Day for the Poetry reading. This is by Yasmin.

We Will Remember Them

We wake up at 5:30am,
Shake the dust from our eyes,
Going to hear a tragic story,
Where not many survived.

The ANZACs reached the shores,
in their destination - Turkey,
As they walked along the sandy cove.
They were in Gallipoli.

Look at those boys at war in thier teens,
They used to think it was fun,
If they'd have known what it was like,
They'd never use that toy as a gun.

Sitting down in a trench,
With stubby pencil in hand,
Writing letters of hate and sorrow,
To be sent across the land.

As mother Elizabeth stands by the door hearing the telegram boy,
So many things go through her head,
As the tears well up in her eyes,
Whispering "please dont Johnnnie be dead"

She hears the knock on Mrs Parkison's door,
And breates a sigh of relief,

There's a mournful cry "not my Eddie"
She goes over to share their grief.

Much heartache later,
These boys get off a train,
They went to war without a care,
However their life won't be the same.

Mothers waiting no one to greet
They try to show their gladness
Their smile is pure but the eyes don't shine
They are windows to their sadness.

Another mother waiting
She set the table for four
But there will only be three dining tonight
As darling Alfie is no more.

Many years have passed now,
With tales of loss and regret
So we gather together on Anzac day,
least we forget, least we forget.


  1. Hi Yasmin,
    What an amazing poem. You used lots of powerful words and as I read your poem I could imagine in my head the pictures. Keep up the great work. I hope your entry did well.
    Miss Lavakula and Room 10@Pt England School

  2. Truly awesome Yasmin. You have written a very emotive poem and I was moved as I read it.Did this come from your class work only or do you have family members who were involved and have passed down their stories?
    Mrs Burt