Thursday, May 14, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Girls Soccer Report

Inter-Intermediate Girls Soccer Report

“Go Melville” shouted the people on the sidelines, the ball was passed to the Melville Intermediate Girls team to start off. I was playing defence a the back, the other tackled and nudged us but we got the ball and headed straight for the goal. The goalie saved the ball from going in the goal.

Their goalies kicked to the other half and Bailey ran with the ball through the other players and kicked it through the other teams goal. The referee called half time and we had a little break then we went back on the field and played for another ten minutes. The game was over the Girls team won. We were all really happy we had won against Te Awamutu Intermediate 1-0.
Our second game was against Berkley School , the ten minutes passed fast and the other team were leading one nil at half time. In the second half the other team scored another so they had scored twice and we hadn’t. We were disappointed but still kept our heads held up high with the result.

Following this game we played against Fairfield Intermediate and beat them 2-0 we were very excited by this result as it meat that we qualified for the semi-finals.
In the semi-final we played against Peachgrove Intermediate and they kept tackling us for the ball. In the first half Peachgrove Intermediate scored one goal and in the second half they scored again to win 2-0.

We had a long break for an hour and a half and we watched the Boys play. They lost but worked really hard when they were playing. We stated our last game which was against Cambridge Intermediate for 3rd and 4th and we lost this by only one goal to nil. We ended up coming 4th place overall.


  1. Hello this is Hadley from Morrinsville Intermediate Well done on getting fourth at the soccer.

  2. Well done, girls. It's great to see so many girls playing soccer - I used to play before I became OLD!!! But it is known as "The Beautiful Game" because it is a great game to play!! Well done on coming 4th!!
    Please tell Mr.Webb that the people in my house are Hurricane supporters NOT Blues supporters but then the Chiefs beat them too, didn't they!
    From Mrs Kelly at Tamaki Primary School in Auckland

  3. Hi im Megan from Morrinsville intermediate school.
    I went to inter intermediate soccer aswell.
    It was a great day.
    I meet some of the melville girls.
    It was great to meet them and i'm looking foward to see them at winter Olymipics.

  4. Hi :) Im Eileish from Peachgrove Intermediate and id like to say well done... hi bailey :P it was a good game against you guys