Monday, May 25, 2009

Melville Intermediate - For Destyn's Nana

At the start of the year we were in contact with Mr Lamsheds Boys Class in Adelaide Australia and we helped them with thier Mihi's. Mr Lamsheds class is a Boys only class at a Primary School (Y7) in Adelaide. A number of the Boys are Maori or part Maori.

Today they're auditioning for the Adelaide Schools Performing Arts Show. They decided to do a Boys Haka for the show. The original video is here. We saw this and thought it would be positive to help them so as well as leaving them comments we had Destyn and Cleveland complete a video to help them as the Boys thoughtg that they needed a few tips, this wonderful video can be viewed by clicking here. The School in Australia then re-filmed themselves doing the haka, and you can watch that here and look for the improvements! They also said some wonderful things about our school on their site in Australia. The last thing they wanted was some help with the Pukana, which Destyn and Cleveland filmed the other day.

Were hoping they'll get selected to perform and need our help a bit more as they keep improving!


  1. Great work Melville Intermediate working with and helping other schools especially schools overseas. Keep up the great work.

  2. Destyn

    I heard your Nana was in today to see the work you've done with us. She should be VERY proud! We had our audition today, and my boys were fierce! I want to thank you for you help and positive comments. The boys and I really appreciate it. We'll let you know as soon as we know if we got in. If we did, we will have a heap of work to do be the performance in September!

    Thanks again mate!
    Mr Lamshed

  3. Mr Webb,

    You are doing a great job and your blog is looking really good. I am pleased that I am able to visit this great site. Thank you for sharing.
    Mrs She.