Thursday, November 21, 2013

Melville Intermediate - League Tag

On Tuesday 12th of November a group of highly skilled rippa rugby league teams got togeather to complete against a variety f schools, we were all going or one reason to win because the top two schools go to the rippa league regionals competion which is held in Te Awamutu.

The fact that we had no training we did quite well.
The a team first game was against Wales (Toku Mapihi) we were very nervouse but we managed to pull though with a win beating them 9-0 it was a very hard game.

In our second came we played France (Raumanga) they had a lot of skill and first players but eventually we got around them and scored a number of tries we ended the game with a fantastic 5-3 win.  We were so tired but we pulled through and gained enough energy to play the next few games.

We won our next three game and ended up at the top of the ladder and went on to face  Toku Mapihi again in the semi finals and because we are so skilled we won the game 10-3.  We then move on to the finals against the France (Raumanga) team once again. We had a quick break before the tiring game against France started. The first point was scored by the team France but we managed to score a point shortly after that. at half time the score was 2 all and we were all tired, the scoring went back and forth and soon enough the game was over. after an amazing game the score was 4-3 to them the boys gave it everything and it was a good game everyone clapped and cheered.

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