Thursday, November 28, 2013

Melville Intermediate - 2nd Grade Superstards NZ Projects

While we are approaching the end of the school year here in New Zealand (this site is closing on December 13th) our friends around the world are continuing to post and learn as they are getting to be nearly half way through the year.  One of our favourite sites has always been the New Town Grade Two Superstars.  Their students are currently completing non ficiton projects about New Zealand! You can view the wonderful videos from the students here.  Room Five you need to listen to the facts contained in one of the videos and comment to the student who left it.


  1. We really enjoyed visiting the New Town Grade Two Superstars blog. We particularly enjoyed watching them learn the haka. They had a Very Good Teacher.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on our Flat Stanley post. Thank you for your kind comments.

    We are very grateful to MsJones and 2nd Grade, Jack Frost Elementary for sending us Flat Stanley. It was certainly a very enjoyable collaboration.

    Thank you too for your collaboration. As you know having a blog can be like having a big house and no visitors :) You were one of our first visitors and your invitation to collaborate really got us started and gave us the confidence to visit other classes all around the world. Many of our loveliest visitors seemed to have come to us via the Room Five, Melville Intermediate blog.

    We learned a lot from your blog about the people, the culture and traditions of New Zealand. Teacher was very interested to see how the curriculum and methods is different in New Zealand. It seems that the curriculum is inquiry based with excellent attention to practical life skills.

    That your class page is going to close is certainly the end of an era. But don’t they say ‘as one door closes. another one opens’. We wish you all every success in the future. Mr. Webb, we look forward to hearing from you again when you find your feet in your new school.

    With every good wish

    1. Thank you for your kind words and we will stay in touch from Mr Webbs new location next year. We have loved the collaboration that has been possible and our students have been thrilled with it.

  2. 2nd Class Room Six and Merry Beau
    Couldn't agree more with your comment and yes have loved the collaboration. Mr Webb is very sad that the Melville door will close for him but a new one is definatly opening at his new school. One that will open again next year. Thank you for your lovely comments.

  3. Kia Ora Mr Webb and Room 5,

    We are always very privileged to feature on your blog. Thank you for sharing our work to your class and followers.

    Room 5, thank you for your lovely comments and I'm glad you found out some new interesting information too! At the moment the class are out on holiday for the rest of the week because its a special holiday called 'Thanksgiving'. They will be back next Monday and I know they will be super excited to read your comments. They love everything about New Zealand and they want to go to school there...(they hear that most schools have two breaks a day) here at New Town they only have one half hour break a day and don't have recess when it is their P.E day.

    Mr Webb, thank you for continuing to connect with us over the last few years. Best of luck at your new school in the coming year. Melville will miss you, especially the students you've inspired over the time you have been there.

    Keep in touch! We look forward to hearing about your new adventures!

    Your friends,
    New Town 2nd Grade Superstars and Miss Lologa.

    1. We loved watching the videos and will finish the set next week with your second set. We have always enjoyed the collaboration and look forward to what the future will hold. Mr Webb will definatly be in touch in the future.

  4. Hi there. My name is mrs Layfield I work at school in Manchester England. I have just built a blog site for our year 4 children. It would be great if we could look at each others work and compare schools.
    My year 4 blog site is
    You can ask us questions on our chat page.

    1. Yes thanks for the connection - we've only two weeks until the end of oru school year but we'd love to be in contact.