Sunday, November 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Waikato Inter Intermediate Drama 2013

 On Thursday 7 November 2013 Damien, Dylan, Mandy, Talya, Claudia, ohatu, Jordan and I went to Berkley Normal Middle School. 4 of us went in Mrs Patterson’s car and the other 4 went in Mrs Bleaken’s car. When we got there 4 or 5 other schools were sitting down listening to the teacher. He said that there were 3 classrooms storyline room, performance room and dance room he told us also to line up smallest to biggest and he would number us I was number 2. Then he said line up with the teacher I was with mat and we stayed into the room and we did some games one of the games was where mat got 4 gaps and he would do worlds like one was space and another was a jungle and we had to act it out. Next we had morning tea then we did storyline one activity for this was where you had to do exactly what the other person told you (that was cool) then it was dance which was the hardest we did so games in that too next it was lunch after we had lunch we were told that we had to do an activity for a commercial each team got a slip of paper which told us what to do we had to get a boring thing and make it better aw name was the whisk of sexy ness then it was over everything had been done but then the teacher said that there were 2 scholarship’s won by 2 best drama people but it would take about a week so then I was happy but overall I had an amazing day.  Recount by Mephis Ward, Room Seven.              

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