Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Leo Club Interview 2012

Bianca and Elizabeth did a interview on Mr Yardley. Mr Yardley is a teacher that helps the Leo club and he also does wood work for tech. We asked Mr Yardley some questions like how long has he been in the Leo club, what do you use the can tabs for.  He gave us accurate answers that we fully understood and we hope you did to. Please enjoy our video and pretty please with a cherry on top leave us a comment! Thank you!


  1. Its really cool how you found out all those things about LEO Club it sounds really fun

    Elizabeth Mason
    Melville Intermediate School
    Hamilton New Zealand

  2. Well Elizabeth since you are already a member of the Leo Club then you should know all about it!

  3. I am really impressed with the Leo Club, you are supporting so many good causes who all need everyone's help. Can tabs now have a special meaning if they can help people receive dialasis treatment - well done all the young Leo's and I hope you continue helping people as you get older.