Monday, March 12, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Science Experiements: Floating or Sinking

We have been learning in science about floating and sinking this is one of our experiments that we were doing we had pot normal coke in the water and it floated and diet coke sunk and then we came up with a few ideas on why the normal coke floated and why diet coke sunk.  Ryan, Room Five, Melville Intermediate.  Filmed Tuesday 6th March 2012 by Ryan.


  1. Nice work Room 5! Check out this wiki when you get some time.

  2. Interesting and very strange, as both vessels were closed and had liquid content. I had never imagined that way

  3. Hi Jake from Kinohaku here, just wondering how the coke sank and the diet coke floated???? please write back.

  4. @ Carol thanks for your kind words and yes we will defiantly check out your Wikispace, thanks for the follow on Twitter (Mr Webb)
    @ Jessmar - yes the kids were really shocked when that happened.
    @ Jake thanks for your comment, Ryan has left a reply to you on your class page but I understand (from Ryan telling me) that it had to do with the amount of sugar in Coke and the amount of Sugar in Coke Zero. Thanks for your feedback we were very pleased to hear it.