Monday, March 26, 2012

Posting Challenge Monday 26th March 2012

Room Five, you need to ensure by the end of today that you have completed leaving a comment to one of the following addresses.  Room Twenty Four at Taradale Intermediate School (if there is a problem with Internet Explorer you may not be able to), The Neinsteins at St Claires in Dunedin, Room Seven at St Marys in Mosgeil or Tawa Intermediate.  Remember where ever you choose to leave a comment make sure that you obey the commenting rules:
That you leave your first name only but also your class and school.  That you leave something positive about the post that you have viewed and that you add a question too.  You need to leave one this afternoon to a location of your choice.


  1. Dear Mr Webb and Room Five

    What a lovely surprise - to visit your blog and see us (Room 24) as part of your current learning task.

    My class all love writing comments on others' blogs and we also enjoy reading replies that are written to our comments.

    Feel free to ask us questions about our learning/posts when you visit our blog. We are learning to ensure we answer all questions when writing a comment or replying to a comment.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Your Hawke's Bay friend
    Miss McLeod

  2. Hello! My name is Lindsay! I live in Alabama! How is life in New Zealand? Yall have the coolest accents!

  3. Hi Myles and Room 5, Great to read of your posting challenge. Do you mean my class Myles? If so, we are Room 6
    Anne K