Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Featured at Waikato Stadium

On Friday 2nd March 2012 19 people from Melville Intermediate School went to play Rippa Rugby at Swarbrick Park in Frankton.  When we got there we were very nervous.  We had five games against Fairfield Intermediate, Cambridge Middle School, Morrinsville Intermediate, and we played against the other Melville Intermediate School team.

In our first game we played against Fairfield Intermediate we won 7-1.  We then played Cambridge Middle School and we lost 4-7.   After that we played Morrinsville Intermediate and won 8-6.   Then again we had another game with Patarangi and we beat them 8-4.  We played against the other Melville Intermediate team and we lost.  We still made it into the Semi-Finals and we won, and then we had a feed that was yum.

That same night we went to Waikato Stadium to play the finals as a curtain raiser for the Blues Vs. Chiefs Super Rugby Game.   We tried very hard against Cambridge in the final but we still lost by a little bit, the score was 12-17, but we had fun.

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