Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Playground Tour 2012

Deighton, Nathan and myself filmed the playground highlights and what you do and what you don't at Melville Intermediate School.  We filmed it on Tuesday 5th of March 2012.  It was filmed by Damien.   We filmed to show how safe our playground is.


  1. I'm Kirill, You've got a nice playground. Who made it?
    And why are you barefoot? :)))

  2. Hi room 5 - I really enjoyed watching your video about your playground. It looks fabulous and I'm sure you must have a lot of fun on it. Mrs Wood :)

  3. What fantastic reporting from the scene! You lads are right at home with the camera! Really enjoyed this video - many thanks for sharing.... I wonder how our kids would share our playground... we will get back to you on that one...

  4. @ Kirill - We shared your comments with our students, they were very excited to know their work was being viewed in Russia, they are barefoot because its Summer and most of the students are here in New Zealand when they are at school
    @ Room Nine St Clair - Mrs Wood thanks for leaving our students a comment about the playgrounds, they did have a lot of fun making it as you can see from the video, maybe too much fun!
    @ Ms Bee - Yes if you are going to do a similar video with your students please let us know and post the link we'd love to see it.
    @ Damien, Deighton and Nathan P, a good first up effort not sure about asking for a safety rating about the playground, what if you thought it wasn't safe, how would you decide that and would we still publish the video?

  5. Hi Melville Intermediate

    I think your playground is "learning galore"! It’s so cool, I think that it would be great if you were to play tag on it. It would be a great place to have fun and I think your video of your playground is really cool. The students did a great job on the video. Hope to hear from you.

    Your blogging buddy

    Kate, Room 24, Taradale Intermediate