Sunday, March 11, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Vs. Maeroa Intermediate

On Tuesday 7th March 2012 our Girls Basketball team played their fourth 2012 game.  We'd done really well so far, defeating two club teams and having a draw with a third.  We were a bit nervous playing Maeroa Intermediate when we turned up because they had all Boys in their team (except for one player), but Melville (in the Red and Green) played really well defensively restricting Maeroa (in the blue) to three points by half time (after twenty minutes of game time) and only two more points in the whole rest of the game (40 minutes).  At the same time Melville were able to score 49, meaning that we kept our unbeaten run going and are now 3-1-0.  For the season.  This Tuesday we have a game against KBC Korus'.

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