Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Carlton Explains Worm Farms at MIS

On Wednesday 14th March Carlton from Room Eight and Harry from Room Eight collected the Worm Bin at Melville Intermediate School.  We collect the Worm Bins to feed the worm that are in the Worm Bins and we use the 'juice' from the bins to feed the garden.   Carlton and Harry alternate and collect the food on different days, take it to the school garden and put it in the bins.  Filmed by Ryan from Room Five.


  1. I enjoyed seeing how you guys operate your worm farms, great job Carlton and Harry. We also have a worm farm at our school...and it is also a bit 'aromatic'.
    Mr Fletcher
    Weymouth Primary School

  2. Carlton and Harry you are doing a great job collecting all those smelly yucky food scraps- but it seems like those worms are thriving. I love the way an old bath is used for the scraps. Ryan- clever filming. You've told the worm farm story very well, so thanks to all three of you.

  3. Very cool guys! Our school doesn't have a worm far that i know of, but you too have definitely given me some imspiration to start one! Thanks!

  4. Hey there from sunny Nelson. Great work with the worms. It's a real winner, that project! Worm bins get emptied, worms get a feed, then the garden gets a feed too. Top job! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Carlton, Harry, and Ryan,
    What an awesome story on your recycling and worm farms. We tried to start a worm farm in a pile of tyres a couple of years ago but it didn't really work. This week one of my reading groups was reading a wonderful story from a Junior Journal on setting up worm farms. Great to see you giving us such a wonderful example. I hope we get back to setting one up at our school that works.
    Mrs K and Room 6 St Mary's School, Mosgiel

  6. Dear Carlton, Harry, Ryan and Room Five

    Thanks for the informative tour of the worm farm process. Carlton and Harry, you did a wonderful job as presenters speaking clearly and always facing the camera. Ryan, you're a superb cameraman and I can see that you all worked well as a team.

    Worm farms are an excellent way of both diposing of food scraps and creating an effective compost (from the worm castings/droppings). At our school, Enviroleaders are responsible for collecting the Bokashi Bins each week and these then get emptied into our worm farm. Last year, the worm castings were then sold to staff and other members of the public. Everyone who bought them reported AMAZING growth and health in their plants and gardens.

    Keep up the fabulous work.

    Miss McLeod and Room 24, Taradale Intermediate

  7. Carlton, Harry, and Ryan,

    I love the video. You did a great job being yourselves on camera (which can be very hard to do.) Carlton, your voice came through very clearly. I could tell you were excited to be doing the video and having the opportunity to share your job. Harry, I love the way you reacted to Carlton's speech. I laughed out loud (LOL) when you told Carlton you weren't really happy with feeding the worms. Ryan, I love how you decided to not have Carlton and Harry rehearse and re-do the segments. It would have been much less enjoyable if it had been over-rehearsed.

    Mr. C