Thursday, March 15, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Edublog Blogging Challenge 2012

We're very excited to be involved in the Edublog Blogging Challenge with other students and classrooms from around the world, its given us a great number of activities to complete for our blogging work, some of which we started a little early, but others we probably wouldn't have dreamt of coming up with without it.

There's literally thousands of students and sites available from the challenge site and we look forward to making new connections and friends and meeting new students from throughout the world and of course New Zealand.   Today we were working on our descriptions of ourselves and a brief introduction.  If you are a teacher and looking for some inspiration we really recommend that you check this out, join up as quickly as possible and complete all the tasks that are set.  Get to it


  1. We were really excited to read your post on our blog this afternoon room 5. We visited your blog again and had a quick look at the Edublog Challenge. A small group of us are going to have another read of the challenge but we all thought maybe because we are only new at blogging we should try the September challenge.

    What do you think???

  2. We think that you should defiantly do the Edublog Challenge as it is a good introduction to working online and there's no time frame to do the challenges - you can do them at your own speed and own time (or obviously if you only want to do some of them you could.

  3. Dear Room 5

    I hope you’re having fun doing the Student Blogging Challenge.
    We’re doing the class challenge here at our school, it’s so much fun.

    I personally think it’s great doing the student blogging challenge, its helped me a lot. I’ve been doing better comments and at the moment, I’ve been having a great talk to Mrs McKenzie on our blog are we are going to swap postcards, how cool is that.

    What do you think of the Student Blogging Challenge?

    Your sincerely

    Cody, Room 24