Monday, November 23, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Athletics: Sprints

This is some of the highlight from Melville Intermediate's Elite School Athletics held last week. The top two sprinters in the 100m and 200m qualify for the Inter-Intermediate Waikato Schools Finals so the pressure was on to make one of the two spots from our 320 student school for Y7 Girls, Y7 Boys, Y8 Girls and Y8 Boys. Next week on Tuesday we are holding the Inter-Intermediate Waikato Schools Athletics Finals at Porritt Stadium. From Room 8 Vitolina will be there in Shot Putt and Cricket Ball Throw. Kaleb and Nick will be there with the Y7 team representing us in Sprints. Mr Webb will be there managing and we will have a film crew filming during the day.


  1. Wow cool athletics i remenber doing this when i was your age.

  2. Good Luck at Inter-School's my school will be there to I'll be cheering for both schools (Melville & Ham West)

    From Vika
    Hamwest Rm. 19

  3. Hey Jamie, It's Jessi getting back with you. lacrosse is a sport where you have what's called a stick (a long pole with a net on top) and a rubber ball. You have to get 2 passes to be able to shoot in the goal. If you make it, you score one point for your team. in lacrosse, you have to wear a mouth guard and goggles to protect yourself because it can get rough! You have 2 defense, 2 offense, and 2 midfielders. Talk to you soon!!