Monday, November 2, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Room 8 in Six Words

This activity came from a class when I was leaving comments for the latest instalment of comments4kids. I was visiting a class blog in the USA, All Things Preeteen and I thought, wow that's a clever idea, so I threw out the intended lesson and told the students to come up with six words to describe themselves. The students really enjoyed it (and it was a lot harder than they had thought!) and it got the day off to a really positive start! Thanks so much to 'Comments4kids' and

These are some of the results from our students:

Vitolina - talented, quick, funny, smart, nice, Vitolina.
Molinda - happy, important, quickly, funny, girl, Molinda.
Rachana - sporty, funny, nice, awesome, important, smart.
Liam - sporty, active, supreme, tall, fantastic, fighter.
Arahia - funny, important, cool, talented, smart, strong.
Nick - sporty, smart, fun, caring, skilled fair.
Nicole - active, funny, shopaholic, fast, smart, Nicole.
Keegan - happy, funny, kind, big, friendly.
Kalem - fun, exciting, happy, smart, active, awesome.
Raukawa - cool, funny, fast, caring, sporty, shy, fair, rich.
Kaleb - happy, smart, caring, healthy, kind, fast.
Bailey - happy, smart, biker, stubborn, reckless, awesome.
Jamie - funny, nice, helpful, happy, caring, fast, helpful.
Prashant - happy, cool, funny, caring, fast, helpful.
Caitlyn - fun, out there (!), different, crazy, shy, friendly.
Scott - sporty, stinky, freckly, skill, outdoors, ugly.
Dylan - dangerous, energetic, sporty, smart, smelly, artistic.
Kaiya - kind, fast, sporty, skilled, smelly, reckless, strong.
Bradyn - funny, cool, fast, rich, speedy, Gokarter.
Janice - sporty, funny, nice, awesome, important, Janice.
Meighan - important, nice, mean, funny, healthy.
Michael - musician, funny, distracting, human, independant, random

Thanks for Molinda for putting this list together!


  1. Kia Ora Room 8

    We really enjoyed reading the words you have used to describe yourselves. We are trying very hard to use describing words in our writing and oral language.

    Keep up the wonderful work!
    Love from Room 14, Yendarra School

  2. Loved seeing that you lot, for the most part, have such positive self images.

  3. @ Room 14, Yendarra School, thanks for your comment. We hope that you enjoy your bloggind adventures online and we'll help you anyway that we can.
    @ Sue - thanks once again for your comments. We really appreciate your feedback as always.
    Mr Webb, Room 8.

  4. Interesting idea. It's always hard to think of words to describe yourself I think. It's a great task to improve knowledge of adjectives.

  5. I really like how the teacher has them reflecting on themselves. This is a really awesome little drill to do to keep them thinking on their toes. And by the way Scott, I'm sure your not that ugly. And I'm crying laughing seeing some of these word. Love it!