Friday, November 20, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Skyping Around the World

On Friday we went a little skype crazy in Room 8. We started off chatting with Mr C's Class from Noel Elementary School in Missouri, USA. We'd only had only a national connection with the South Island before this, so the students were quite excited. The fact that it was Friday morning in New Zealand but also Thursday afternoon in the USA was a big deal, as was the fact the students had to stay inside during Winter! Later in the afternoon we went down to the South Island of New Zealand, near Nelson to continued our work with Appleyby School and their class Mihi that
the students have been hard at work learning. Our students have
phenomenally well to this taking on the role of teacher for this task.

While that was in progress we had another call from a class in Glenview, Hamilton, a test of equipment for an upcoming project that the students are pleased about. We then finished that off with a call from Australia and a class from Gleelong, Victoria from BPS School. In in all it was quite a hectic, but exciting day for the students I was very impressed that they were able to harness the power of technology (in this case Skype) to make them more worldly wise. Sharing
greeting students from other countries around the world was a very positive experience for the students and really has got them thinking about connections for the future, as a teacher it has really opened up my eyes to the ICT Interaction that is available to our students and I would thoroughly recommend that you try it if you have not already (indeed Room 8 would be more than keen if you just drop us a line!).

A huge thank you also to the teachers and students of the schools that we spoke with around the world.

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