Thursday, November 12, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Our Film Festival Entry!

This is our entry in the film festival - Bailey and the Magic Cowbell. It was created by the students in Room 8. Bailey starred as himself. Arahia had the role of the magic bean seller and also was the narrator. The school bullies were played by James and Tim. Arahaia, Bailey, Molinda and Vitolina provided the filming. Mr Webb was starring as the 'Old Man of the Forest' and also supplied some of the props. This was shown to the Cluster Film Festival on Thursday 12th November 2009.


  1. Absolutely brilliant, I liked the bit when the Old Man of the Forest snapped the Auckland Flag in half. That dancing was pretty wonderful too.

  2. Wonderful stuff Room 8, that Mr Webb, he is such a good actor. I liked his dancing too. What a shame his talents are wasted as a classroom teacher.

  3. Poor Bailey....great acting and a great job by the narrator as well. However, I can't say the same for your dancing Mr. Webb....

    Just curious, what did the flag represent?

    Mr. McClung
    Fayetteville, Arkansas USA

  4. @ Mr McClung. The Blue flag that Bailey had when he was unpopular was an 'Auckland' flag. The Red/Yellow/Black flag at the end of the movie was a Waikato flag, Aucklands tradiitional enemies. The dancing was my own. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Internet access $35, Macbook $1000, watching Mr. Webb dance PRICELESS!

    Seriously, great job on the video. I loved the overt caricature you created and I always love the "fractured fairy tale" type ending.

    Mr. C

    BTW I was absolutely shocked that Mr. Webb had a New Zealand accent! How weird is that?

  6. @ Since this represents my debut online in any form its the first time my voice has been used. So there you go. Probably now you won't be able to keep my face off the school site. Maybe.

  7. Loved the video Room8, great concept. Not sure about Mr Webb's dancing...but maybe we Nelsonians don't fully understand Mooloo magic!
    Mrs McRobert

  8. Dear Mr Webb,
    Awesome moves, but what's with the Tamaki Intermediate uniform? We enjoyed the video today especially when Bailey went to look for the magic man... Great acted Bailey...

  9. @ Vaimoana Tafea. Mr Webb worked at Tamaki Intermediate for over six years, so that was a bit of an 'in joke' for the old pupils of the school, that I still hold very dear to my heart.

  10. Wonderful Room 8. You developed the plot well. It must have been one of Mr Webb's best moments when he was able to snap the flag in two and throw it away. I wonder what the Auckland viewers will think of that.

    We made a rugby video ourselves a few years back that made it on to Sticky TV.

    Hope you like it.

    Allanah K

    Your blogging buddies from

    Appleby School

  11. @ AllanahK. I hope that Auckland viewers weren't too upset with the snapping of the flag there was a bit of adlibbing there that went somewhat awry.

  12. Congratulations Room 8 and Mr Webb, I was fortunate enough to be in the crowd at the Manaiakalani Film Festival today and saw your movie played - along with the 2500+ attendees. Bailey's acting was enjoyed by all, along with the other characters BUT.... Room 8 you will have to remember that Mr Webb used to be part of our cluster of schools for quite a few years... when Mr wWebb started his antics the crowd went wild! Memories of times past with that cowbell, the dancing etc. The Year 8,9 and 10 students were very entertained. I particularly enjoyed hearing voices in the darkness saying, "Hey, that's Mr Webb!" when he started talking from behind the mask.
    Moli did a grand job of introducing your movie on your behalf, and I recorded the crowd reaction on video (it was dark so you cant SEE anything) and will get it too you soon.
    Keep up the great work
    Mrs Burt

  13. Well done! Guys! I didn't see which flag Mr Webb stood and broke. So that is all sweet.

    Mrs She @Pt England School.Auckland.

  14. Hey guys
    I liked your film and i am looking forward to seeing your film again


  15. Fakaalofa lahi atu Room 8
    A wonderful movie and great acting. I liked the way you changed bits and pieces of the story Jack and the Beanstalk. The dancing made us laugh. Keep up the wonderful work and your great blog.

    Miss Lavakula and Room 10@Pt England School

  16. Wow! Room 8
    I wish I had a magic cow bell that made people dance.
    I really like the part when the little boy went into the forest and saw the man who was wearing a funny mask.I also thought every one in the movie was funny.

    From Chelsea.

  17. @ Room 10 - it wasn't suppossed to be Jack and the Beanstalk but I can defiantly see the connection! Thanks for your comment and glad that it made you laugh, that was the idea.
    @ Room 14 - Chelsea thanks for your comment and glad that you enjoyed the movie.