Thursday, November 5, 2009

Melville Intermediate - School Speech Finals

This is a very special post. There were four finalists in the 2009 Melville Intermediate School and Room 8 was lucky enough to have one of the two Y7 finalists in Bailey. Today in assembly Bailey gave his speech in front of the entire school! But of course not everyone could be there, but we were, Arahia filmed it and here in the entirety is Bailey's speech in the finals! Filmed on Thursday 5th November 2009.


  1. Absolutely superb speech Bailey; and your ideas about grafitti and why people do it are so right. Maybe it's time to write a letter/email to our government? Better still, send them a copy of this video.

    Well done!

    Mr F.

  2. This is a great speech, Bailey! You obviously feel really strongly about your subject and I was really interested in your facts, especially how much damage can be done by one spray can! I really liked the way you used your cards as prompts, and didn't read out your notes. A great delivery!