Saturday, November 14, 2009

As part of this term's unit on Milk Room 8 is looking at some different ways to create and display work related to the unit. One of the ways that we're publishing our work is by using 'Glogster' as most of the class haven't used this before we're still getting the hang of it, but students are enjoying a different way of doing things and the opportunity to incorporate different forms of media in their Glogs. This is Nick's Milk Glog and we'll be viewing it in the classroom on Monday in an effort to think about improving it and adding depth to it. If you've got a favourite way of presenting work that's IT based and a little different we'd love to hear about it, just leave us a comment!

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  1. Hi everyone. We've also just started using Glogster. Most of us are enjoying finding new ways to present our work. We have had a few problems saving on Glogster & making our glogs public though. Here is Mac's glog on the Running of the Bulls.