Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mevlille Intermediate - Tuck Shop Prices 2009

I'm always interested from a teacher perspective of comparisons between New Zealand and the way we do things at our school and others internationally and nationally. One of the areas that always interests the students is the food availability at schools!

The list on the left is our Tuck Shop/Canteen Price list for 2009. Students can order from the list in the mornings, and also have an option of a menu to choose from at lunchtime. Prices are in New Zealand dollars, pardon me for my bad stab at the exchange rate but $1NZ is about US$0.60 at the moment. I'll have to check!

We had a major health decision by the former government last year restricted sales of certain items during the week which is why pies are available only on certain days, although the new government has repealed this. Most schools have not gone back to their previous menu's.

Finally although we do have a Tuck Shop/Canteen we have this as an area to sell the food only, its not a specific seated area for students to eat. I'll take some pictures of it/assign a project about it next term.

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  1. Hello room 8 you are so lucky we do not have most of things. I wish at my school we have more things like this.Room 10 MIS