Monday, April 20, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Inter Class Touch

In Term One Melville Intermediate held an Inter-Class Touch Rugby Competition to see who was the best Y7 and Y8 Class. In the first in our highlights of Term 1 series Kaiya recounts Room 8 struggle to triumph in the competition!

On the first day of the Touch game we had to play Room 2. We lost our first game because we were getting used to each other and playing touch with other people and getting to know peoples names. In the second game we were getting the hang of things but we were defeated by Room 12. The third game against Room 13 we won because we worked together as a team. We didn't work as individuals. In that game we had only one Girl playing for us (you had to play with four Boys and two Girls but we have only got seven Girls in the class and 19 Boys) who was Arahia so she had to play the game without any breaks. We had to win our other game to get into the semi-finals. We beat Room 17 just and then we had to play against Room 14 to make the play offs. This was our best game of the year probably because we didn't have any Girls available to play so we had to play two players short for the whole game! We still managed to win! Phew! That put us into the Semi-Finals against Room 12 who'd beat us in the second game, this time we played well together and beat them 5-1. Arahia played the whole game as did Vitolina! In the final game of Touch for 2009 we had to play Room 2 again, they were the favourites because they hadn't lost once and had beaten us in the first game. We were really lucky to have Arahia and Vitolina who played all game for us again (without a break!).

Nick scored a try in the first couple of minutes. Destyn then came on from the substitues bench and scored nearly straight away! That was 2-0 to Room 8. Two minutes later I intercepted a pass and ran thirty metres to score. We ended up winning the final game 3-0. Mr Webb promised us a shared lunch for working well as a team and respecting everyone and all the teams that we played against. We can't wait for the term two inter-class competition!


  1. Congratulations, I think it is very difficult to beat a good team to times in a row. It is obvious that you a good team and because you worked so well together you were successful.
    Mr. C

  2. Congratulations, on winning the games against the other classes your team must be very good at touch.