Thursday, April 30, 2009

Melville Intermediate - A Package from Texas 2

A more detailed description of this will be provided later but in the meantime we were just so overwhelmed by what we found in the box from Texas! It was filled to the brim with 'Peeps!'
Now in New Zealand we don't have 'Peeps' but the students were able to taste these and were very excited. I can't thank Mrs Cransford, her class and the wonderful students and staff Mossy Oaks Intermediate for this wonderful opportunity and learning experience.


  1. Wow, sounds fascinating! I wonder what they are... please let us know as we are very intrigued.

  2. OMG....Peeps are so icky (as a grownup) but somehow kids LOVE them. They are staples in Easter baskets here. We used to like putting them in the microwave and watch them puff up (very very very messy). This actually gave me a good idea about a candy exchange between countries. Whenever my husband and I travel overseas and we can't take our children we would bring back a bag full of candy/chips/drinks that we had never heard of here to give them as gifts (they love eating the funny flavored chips from around the world). It was pretty inexpensive and lots of fun for the kids. What a fun project for kids in different schools. You could ask everyone to contribute his or her favorite snack/candy/chips/drink to the package with maybe a small writing assignment (got to get those standards in!) as to why it is their favorite - or the best way to eat/drink it. I may post on for any takers for this - what a great way to end our year (we are out of school on June 10th).

    Mrs. Heaton
    Mossy Oaks Elementary School

  3. PEEPS! I have never understood peeps, they are not particularly tasty but every Easter people eat them like crazy around here.

    Very cool to see schools exchanging back and forth, reminds me of when I was in school and we had pinpals, great stuff!