Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Thai Students Exchange 4

As part of the International Cultural Exchanges that take place at Melville Intermediate School we have students from around the world attend our school to experience the New Zealand education system. Already this term we've had students from Makuhari College in Japan stay and for the second half of the term we had students from Thailand. In Room 8 we had Tae and Bell who were with the class for two weeks. Just before they left as special guest contributors to the blog Room 8 got them to write their thoughts down!

" I like this school very much, its different from my school. This school is very quiet and students in this school are less than in my school in Thailand. When I study in class my classmates are very friendly and nice - I like studying very much! Yesterday we went to Room 2, the teacher in Room 2 is very kind [Whaea Hayley]. We played and exercised in the Gym. It's very fun. After that we came back to the classroom and studied Maori language. I think Maori Language is not too hard! I like this school very much, everybody in this school is very kind and friendly - I am very happy :)" [Tae]

"First day that I went to this school I thought that this school is so quiet. When I came into the class I felt that everybody was friendly and I have so many friends. When we went to Room 2 we went to the gym and exercised. I played jackstones with my friend. When we got back to Room 2 we learnt Maori Language, then we sang a Maori Song. It was so fun. It's so fun at this school" [Bell]

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