Thursday, April 16, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Learn Samoan 2

This is lesson two in the series entitled 'Lets Learn Samoan'. Last lesson Vitolina and Arahia explained how to count in Samoan from 1 to 10. In today's lesson the students are going to explain the days of the week in Samoan. The students are going to say each word in Samoan and then in English, and repeat them. As a visual prompt they'll also have the words on screen as well. There was no visual prompt in the 'Learn to Speak Swahili' lesson as that language was phonetic! This was filmed by Bailey as cameraman on Wednesday 8th April at Melville Intermediate in Room 8. The days of week in Samoan are: Aso gafua (Monday), aso lua (Tuesday), aso lulu (Wednesday), aso tofi (Thursday), aso aalaile (Friday), aso toangai (Saturday) and aso sa (Sunday).

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