Sunday, April 19, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Prashants Term 1 Recount

The following gives you an idea of some of the extra activities that students from Melville Intermediate have the opportunity to be involved with at our school. Students have six hours a week of specialist instructions, three hours a week of specialist technology (Music and Sewing in Term One) and two further hour and half blocks of additional specialist teaching that could range from Rockets to French depending on the option the students choose.

Prashant from Room 8 wrote about the following highlights from Term One:

MUSIC - our first technology was music. Our teacher is Mr Bell. We all played everything. There were drums, keyboards and guitars. On the last day we made a band and played a song. In my group was me, Dylan, Bradyn, and Kaleb. I was playing drums and Dylan was playing guitars and Bradyn was playing guitars also. Kaleb sang a song.
SEWING - In our technology second option we were doing sewing. We had to make a pencil case. We not two pieces of nylon and a zip for our pencil case. We sew the zip onto the nylon to make our pencil case. When we finished making them we got to make cushions.
OPTIONS - In my option it was Cooking. We baked lots of things like sponge rolls and hokey pokey. We also made Louise Cakes and piklets. The last thing that we made was ginger gems.


  1. You are very fortunate to be able to take classes that teach you how to sew and cook. My students won't have those options until they are in high school (ages 13-18). If I had a choice it would be cooking. I like being able to make food and eat it.
    Mr. C

  2. Hi Prashant, I have enjoyed finding out about the technology options you are involved in at your school. I have been reading your post with another teacher who used to teach at the same intermediate as Mr Webb. Sounds like you get have a wonderful variety of experiences.
    Mrs Burt and Mrs Moopanar

  3. I would LOVE it if we offered cooking and sewing on site here at Mossy Oaks Elementary School. Our enrichment (or specials) classes are art, music, computer, PE, and health. When I was in middle school (a long time ago..sigh) we had home economics that had cooking and sewing and we also had a shop class that was kind of fun. I wonder why these classes have fallen out of favor?

    Mrs. Heaton
    Beaufort, SC