Saturday, April 4, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Skyping with Appleby School

This animation is a little special as its a result of a collaboration that took place last week between Melville Intermediate and students from Appleby School in Nelson. Their wonderful site can be contacted by clicking here. During the day we used Skype to contact their class and Nick received instructions of how to create a pivot animation. He'd never used the program before but as a result of the tutoring that he received he was able to create his own animation and then also scaffold (teach) Scott from our classroom! Our wonderful thanks again to Alanahk and her class!

Nick wrote the following about the Skype Chat:
"It was a great experience Skyping with a school in Nelson. I learnt to do animations on pivot. George was a great helper. I learnt some skills and will pass them onto other classmates, in my class. Pivot is Fun!"

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