Sunday, April 26, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Term Two Preview

Tomorrow, Monday 27th April 2009 all students at Melville Intermediate are returning to school as are most students in New Zealand and Australia, fresh from our Term One holidays. (For our friends in Europe, North America and elsewhere if you don't know the New Zealand term runs from February to December. We have four ten week terms, with two week breaks between. We then have our big Summer holidays.

We have some very exciting sporting events occurring soon. In week three we have our School teams competing in Inter-Intermediate Soccer. Following on from that in week five we have our Girls Rugby team competing in the Waikato competition. We haven't entered this competition for a while and the team is keen to impress - have a look at this video or this one. We have the Winter Olympics team competing for an entire week of events in week eight. We also in week four have our very special school fund raising evening. On top of all this our Basketball teams compete in the weekly competition at the local YMCA.

Online we're looking for the continuation of Miss W's Blogging Challenge. We haven't competed in the last two or so challenges because the students have been away on holidays but were itching to get involved. We learnt about lots of other classrooms and students around the world like Mr Toa's classroom in Shanghai, China and Mr Chamberlains Classroom in Missouri, USA.

We're also eagerly waiting for our Peep's delivery from Mrs Cranfords Class in Texas. Last term we Skyped live with Appleyby School in Nelson, and we also helped Mr Lamsheds Class in Adelaide with their Mihi. We'd love to involve ourselves in this sort of activity and lots more this term - if YOUR class or school is interested in doing something then please let us know, we'd LOVE to hear from you.

Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermeidate School.

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