Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Rockets

This Thursday during our Y7 Option Classes (in addition to Technology students of Melville Intermediate have an 'Option' Class of a further 3 hours of specialist teaching one of the classes has been construction Rockets - Thursday is launch day, and they are expected to go 100 feet (that's an American reference for our friends) in the air! Of course we'll be there with Camera and Photographs to document! Stay tuned!


  1. I like the rockets. I would like to do something like that with my students since we study space but it is one of those things I would have to write a grant for in order to get the material. Maybe next year. I certainly looks like fun! I enjoy learning about space and space travel. I was picked up to go to Space Camp for Teachers in Huntsville, Alabama in June and I am very excited (I think we get practice building rockets there too). It is an international scholarship so you should tell your teachers to apply next year.

    Mrs. Heaton
    Mossy Oaks Elementary School
    Beaufort, SC

  2. The rockets look very good. If asked "Who do you think you are, a rocket scientist?" the class will truly be able to answer "Yes".

  3. We made water rockets last year and have been thinking about expanding on those ideas again this year. I might have to bring this forward a bit so we can compare blast offs!

  4. I imagine that this is one of the more popular optional classes. Can't wait to see the video from this, I am sure the kids are thrilled about it as well.

    Mr. McClung
    Noel, Missouri US

  5. Rockets are fun for the students. Imagine it was less than one hundred years ago that solid and liquid fuel rockets were invented. Now we use them with students, amazing!
    Mr. C

  6. PDS boys from Memphis, TN just launched their rockets last week. Most were successful launches and looked very similar to what you are showing in your pictures. We even went on a field trip to Huntsville, AL to the NASA space center where we saw a real space shuttle displayed in the museum.