Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Waikato Kids Lit Quiz 2013

‘WOOO, YEAH, AWESOME!!!!!!’ All the kids in the chapel at St Paul’s Collegiate cheered because they got the first question in the alieus section right. It was the night of Lit Quiz and 4-8 kids from schools all around the Waikato had joined together on the 16th of May, to do the International Kids Lit Quiz. Kids Lit Quiz is a competition for kids all around the world who are really good at reading. It is a fun competition and kids and Adults both enjoy it because adults get to win prizes as well as the kids. So anyway we were sitting there with big toothy grins on our faces because we had finished hearing the answers for the alieus section and we had a pretty good score.
 The night went by fast but we got pretty good scores in alieus, constructions, authors, myths and legends and pop culture. We had 2 Melville Intermediate School groups there and my group, (group 2) bet the other team, we came 27th out of 54 schools and our overall score was 52 out of 100.

You can find out more information about the Kids Lit Quiz from their website here.


  1. Dear room 8,
    awesome to hear about you coming 27th out of 54 schools. Our school did a kidslit. We had 2 teams and team a came 9th out of 54 schools and team B came 10th out of 54. It's great to know that lots of people do kids lit.


  2. Sarah
    Thank you so much for your comment and congratulations on how your school and students did. We have enjoyed following your class blog this year and please stay in touch.
    Mr Webb and Room Five