Thursday, May 16, 2013

Melville Intermediate - visits Maeroa Intermediate Room Nine

Maeroa Intermediate Room Nine is a class page that has been started by the students and the teachers just this year.  It's got a variety of material online and Maeroa Intermediate is a similar school to Melville Intermediatte in Hamilton.

Students of Room Five your task is to visit the Maeroa Intermediate Room Nine class page.  You need to select one piece of work or material that has been posted online and leave a comment about it.  Remember the success criteria that we have set for your commenting on other students work.  Ensure that you leave our URL in return.

This is a video of our Girls Rugby team playing Maeroa Intermediate in the Inter Intermediate Girls Rugby Competition last year at Memorial Park, Cambridge.  Maeroa are in the blue and red and Melville Intermediate are in the green with red trim.

This is what was written about last years game

This is the second to last video from our 2012 Girls Rugby Tournament.  It's highlights from our fourth pool game, against Maeroa Intermediate.  Melville were on a roll at this point having won three games in a row, one more would equal the total number of wins from last year.  Standing in Melville's way was a very dangerous Maeroa Intermediate School, who scored an extremely good try early into the match and managed to convert it to take an early lead.   Melville however by this point we really gelling well as a team including showing some strong defence, wait until you see Veronica's ankle tap just after the Maeroa try! Filmed by Veronica from Room Five at Memorial Park, Cambridge on Tuesday 8th May 2012.

We also have played Maeroa Intermediate in a variety of this year (Touch) and last year (Touch, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball to name but a few!) Our 2012 Girls team had to play Maeroa Intermediate at Basketball and this is the highlights from a game that took place on Tuesday 7th March 2012 with Melville winning 49-5, for this game Melville are in the Green/Red and Maeroa are in the blue.


  1. Hello
    I just wanted to tell you I love your blog.
    I go to Balmoral school and we were told to check out other blogs.
    My favourite thing is that my last name is Melville. I have visited your blog a lot and I really like it.
    thanks Billie

  2. Billie
    Thank you for your positive comment we loved receiving it and I shared it with our students who were very excited to hear the positive comments and we do like having return visitors.