Monday, May 13, 2013

Melville Intermediate - School Entrance Way for Cook Islands

Thanks to our Feedjit link we've been watching our traffic in the classroom regularly so we sometimes see visitors looking at particular posts or information.  We usually have it running our data projector/interactive whiteboard.  It means that we know what is popular and sometimes means that we can help our audience.  Overnight and this morning we saw that we were having visitors from the Cook Islands looking at the Melville Intermediate School entrance.  The main entrance to our school is very special and was designed by Matua Peter and Matua Gene.  We looked at the original post from when it was made and saw that the photo's are no longer available online.  We have students that are re-taking those photos now and we will post them shortly.  Hope that helps.
 Melville Intermediate entrance on PhotoPeach

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