Saturday, May 4, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Daniel Recounts Term One

Term one has been a great term I have done a lot of cool things. One of the highlights of term one is when the Japanese students came to our school they were cool to talk to. I liked doing P.E when we vs. other classes rooms in diff
erent games. I really like modules I like the patter tennis because I learnt a lot of things about the game. In modules I also liked inquiry because I got to make a waka out of newspaper which I enjoyed. I really liked music tech because the year 8s are allowed to go on all the instruments. I liked doing maths in class because I like maths, and the activities in maths are very cool I reckon. I also forgot to say how art was fun, first we drew a picture of a Māori god I chose Tane Mahuta.  After that we made masks out of newspaper and glue then we painted them and put Māori designs on them which was cool. I enjoyed playing basketball at morning tea and lunch time, I also liked going to the library and playing Jenga and I also Connect Four. Term one has been pretty cool I cant wait until term two.

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