Sunday, May 5, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Inside the School Canteen

This term, which starts tomorrow, we're putting together our Canteen/Tuck Shop material that we collated last term from around New Zealand and the world.  The aim of the student councillors who were working on it was to improve the options of students at Melville Intermediate School.  For our inspiration we used the classrooms that we are linked with, and Mr Webb used our PLN.  What we discovered was that not everyone knew what a 'Canteen' was - in the USA its a water bottle!  However we also filmed our own Tuck Shop/Canteen, which is available for our students to buy items for their lunch... and we sent Elizabeth, Jamie and Kristal to film inside.  Filmed at Melville Intermediate School at the end of term one.  Term two starts tomorrow.
Tuck Shop Serving Video 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Room 5 @ Melville
    In the UK, a canteen is something else again! It sometimes refers to a drinking bottle, but more often is understood to be the room in which hot meals are served from a kitchen, so the school canteen would be the kitchen and dining room altogether. At our school, dinners are cooked on the premises, and we have a choice of 2 meals each day. The canteen has to serve a healthy balanced meal to school children, and there is always a vegetarian option. There is always fruit and/or yoghurt available, too. About 2/3 of pupils have school dinners, the rest have packed lunches (which are not as healthy!)
    Do you have dinners too?
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View

    1. Hi Mrs Monaghan! :)

      We dont have dinners at school, We've only got lunch but in school we have recently opened up a breakfast club so we also have breakfast but it doesnt come from our school canteen, it comes from the lady who runs it.

      From Elizabeth
      room 5
      melville Int. School
      New Zealand

  2. Hi Elizabeth
    Thanks for your response, but I'm wondering if we mean the same thing with lunch/dinner - it can be confusing, even in the UK. Our meal at midday in school is called 'dinner' and we talk about 'dinner time' - even though often people now use 'lunch' for the midday meal and 'dinner' for an evening meal. We have a hot dinner (at 12 noon) cooked in our school kitchen by the school cook, which most children will have.
    Hope that hasn't left you even more confused!
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    What a great video. Our teacher trying to set up a project between your class and our. We might post a video next week about are lunch so you can see what we eat. Great video, I really enjoyed it.

    Alex from Techie Kids