Monday, May 27, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Saturday Sport Warm Up Mathematics

Today in Mathematics for our warm up we were looking at sports that the students in Room Five of Melville Intermediate School played on Saturday, what the score was, and then looking at the points difference to see if the score was positive or negative.  
  • MIS Girls Basketball beat Berkley Normal School Won 46-36 (+10) (Nichola)
  • MIS Girls 8A Netball beat Peachgrove Intermediate C 41-8 (+33) (Bianca)
  • MIS Girls 8B Netball lost to Fairfield Intermedaite 16-24 (-8) (Elizabeth)
  • Melville 12th Grade Rugby lost to Frazer Tech 0-55 (-55) (Harry, Levi, Cody)
  • Melville 13th Grade Rugby lost to Frankton 10-24 (-14) (Liam)
  • Glenview Soccer lost to Humminbirds 2-4 (-2) (Wattana)
  • Melville United Soccer lost to Whakatane 0-7 (-7) (Deighton)
  • Huntly South Rugby League defeated the Hillcrest Hornets 48-8 (+40) (Nathan M)
We currently have 26 students in the classroom and 10 of them are involved in Saturday morning sports for clubs.

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