Friday, May 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Revoultion Tour

Today at Melville Intermediate School we had the Revoultion Tour come to school for a special performace in our school Hall. The show featured a special message, dancing, singing and some involvement from special guests.
Revoultion Dance Show @ MIS - Special Guest from myles webb on Vimeo. To day the Revolution crew performed at Melivlle Intermediate they were singing and doing a drama about bullying and they were teaching us about bullying. These words were written about the show by Reitu and Jackie from Room Five They were pretending that they were in a music class at thier school and they didnt like there teacher,they were very entertaining the student teacher from room 6 went up on stage and he had to do the harlem shake and we all had to join in and everyone was going crazy!! because that told us to. and all of Melivlle Intermediate was laughing for a longtime because Big Ryan kept pushing over Junior and because M.j kept on back chatting thier music teacher.

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  1. Hi, This looks like a grate show with a powerful message.
    Strike, the drummers that came to Maeroa Intermediate, are on You Tube. If you could get them, they are certainly worth it. They come from Wellington.
    I love reading the posts on this blog. Hope to hear from Melville again!! Room 9 Teacher Maeroa.