Saturday, February 25, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Singing in Room Five

At the moment we're very lucky to have Mr Bell going through the classrooms teaching singing to the Melville Intermediate School students.   Room Five are lucky enough to have in come in every Monday morning for half an hour.  Students are really enjoying the singing, and today Mr Webb recorded the session, this video are some of the highlights, including a touching rendition of 'I found a peanut' which is a song that remains popular with students at MIS.

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  1. Dear Room 5,

    The class enjoyed watching your singing in class. One of the students recognized the song while another class asked if all teachers play the guitar in New Zealand because I play a guitar in our class. I told them not all teachers do but when I went to teachers college everyone learned to play the guitar.
    I asked the class to compare the physical features of your classroom compared to ours. I hope to post something on our blog so you can read their responses to this task.

    Keep up the good singing and look forward to hearing another song soon.

    Ka kite,
    Miss Lologa & 2nd Grade Superstars!