Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Cooking Technology 2012

This is our very first in class video for 2012! Students at Melville Intermediate School rotate around a series of Technology classes twice a week for ninety minutes sessions in a five week block.  Currently the students in Room Five are involved in Cooking, Music, Art, Woodwork and Science.  Today in Cooking Class Deighton from Room Five presented this short video about what the students were up to today, and Ryan filmed it.  Filmed in the Cooking room on Tuesday 7th February 2012.


  1. Hi Deighton and co
    I hope your cheesy mix on toast was delicious! I remember when I was your age, the best part of cooking at school was getting to eat it. :)

    Deighton, you seem to be a natural at presenting on camera and Ryan did a good job of filming, making transitions smoothly and keeping the camera steady.

    all the best for future videos
    Mrs McKenzie

  2. Hi Room 5, welcome back to school. You all look very old and big compared to us. Your cooking looked delicious. I was very impressed with your filming, Ryan.

    Miss Lepou