Sunday, February 19, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Commenting Challenge#1

Today's commenting challenge is as follows.  You need to select one of the three class pages from this list and description.  You need to travel to the blog that's hyper linked and leave a quality comment to the class and the students.  You will only have until today to complete the challenge and you have Technology after lunch so that only gives you block one or block two.

Remember the features of a quality comment: that its positive, that it asks at least one question and is left in a way that lets the person find us through our class page.  I will be checking these comments online later today and I expect them all to be completed.

Hamilton East Primary School - The teacher started blogging with last years class only last year but did a fantastic job.   She has a new class of New Entrant students but they are producing some fantastic work like this excellent post about the School Garden, think about what the students at Hamilton East are producing from their garden and it could be inspiration to us.

School 72 is from Russia.  We looked at picture of the student in the snow.  They lead a very different life to us in New Zealand but it is incredibly interesting to watch and learn from.  Click on this wonderful link here, find a great post and leave a comment.  They may be even sending their class mascot to us on the other side of the world!

St Barnabus in England.  This is the second of the classrooms that we're paired up with for Quad Blogging, just like with Mr Listers Class! So follow the link to their class page if you choose and leave a comment.  Remember as we said right at the start to think about the question and make sure that you check and proof read for grammatical and punctuation errors.

If you manage to leave three quality comments on all three pages that are then published by the teachers I will reward you with a special prize - but you must have all comments left by this afternoon, Tuesday, before lunch!


  1. Hello from England. I am one of the students from St Barnabas school and we are in the same Quadblogging group. Please visit our blog and good luck!

  2. I am looking forward to using your comments as examples with my class. We are learning to leave quality comments as well and I want to show them quality examples. What guidelines do you have in mind when you write comments?

  3. @ St Barnabus student we've been leaving comments to your page over the last week so it was nice to hear from you.
    @ Ms Bee - Yes we are happy to be used as an example and we will put your new page address onto our class page.